Annals of The Blo(o)r(e) Families Issue 17.2 October 2014


  • Editorial
  • Librarian’s Report
  • Treasurer’s Report


  • Blo(o)r(e) Society Meeting of April 12th 2014
    from Celia V Bloor
  • Words:- from the Keeper of the Wills
    from Jenny M Benson
  • James Alfred and Eva Bloor
    from Anne Thorne
  • The Blo(o)r(e) DNA Project (Update)
    from Ian K Bloor
  • Will of William Bloor of Seabridge
    from Jenny M Benson
  • A Bloor Soldier in the Accrington Pals
    from Andrew Jackson
  • What the First World War mens to YOU
    from Anne Thorne (for her children)
  • Members’ Page
         A Bloore on a Blore at Alupka
         from Robin Bloore
         Geoff Blore (#219) RIP
         from ikb
  • Next Meeting
  • Last Notes
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