What’s happening?

Just finished stuffing envelopes with Issue 17.1.  It’s been a bit of a struggle to get it out, mainly because Libre Office decided to misbehave when I was trying to produce the labels.  I downloaded 4.2.2 but there seems to be a bug that prevents New>Labels working if I don’t have an empty document opened before I start. In fact Libre Office just locks up.

Next Newsletter will be started tomorrow, because I’ve had enough of doing it all at the last minute, and not having time to get it proofed by my team of devoted helpers.  My fault again.

Just need to get better (vaguely) organised.  Clear the debris.  Sort the piles.  Empty the boxes.  Shred the shraff. Have a PLAN. Keep records of what we’ve not used yet.

It’s beginning to sound like a full-time job for someone, rather than a task I can do in the odd spare moment.

Any volunteers?

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