Next Meeting of The Blo(o)r(e) Society – May 11th 2019

The Blo(o)r(e) Society is The Family History Society for anyone with Bloors, Bloores or Blores in their Family Tree – and Blewers and Blowers too.

We have 120  Blo(o)r(e) Trees, so it is highly likely that anyone with Blo(o)r(e) ancestors will find them hiding somewhere in our ‘forest’; if not we’ll be happy to update the relevant Tree.

The Next Meeting  of The Blo(o)r(e) Society will be held at
Ipstones Memorial Hall

Church Lane, Ipstones, STOKE-ON-TRENT, ST10 2LD

 on Saturday, May 11th 2019

There is a map on the Hall’s we-site at

Anyone interested in Blo(o)r(e) Family History will be made Welcome.
We’ll be there, ready to help, from about 10am until about 5pm.
All the usual research tools and expertise will be available to help you start, restart, or continue your own Blo(o)r(e) Family History research.

If you know of anyone with a Blo(o)r(e) in their Family Tree, please let them know about the Meeting.

Tea, coffee, soft drinks, maybe cocoa, but definitely biscuits will be provided

For further information, contact Ian K Bloor on 01270 811 260 or

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